Ty Fairclough

UX Product Designer

User warrior and emphatic agony aunt. I listen to users' pains and translate them into bleeding edge solutions to bring delight.
From research to code I collaborate within a Dual-Track Agile environment from start to finish again and again.

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Karly Prince

Karly Prince

Specialist Nurse & Fiancée

Ty Fairclough

Ty Fairclough

UX Product Designer

Henry Printer

Henry Printer

Marvellous Mutt


Ty is a talented, creative UI/UX designer able to rapidly iterate through concepts at volume and narrow in on a final result that finds the simplest, most compelling way to meet the business need. He's open minded and flexible but doggedly determined to get things done and have an impact.

Brendan Sweeney, VP of Consumer Product at Commissions Inc.

Ty is most definitely a unique UX professional. He is able to develop low to high fidelity prototypes (including hand-coded prototypes in HTML and JS libraries) with compelling interactions while continually experimenting with the latest tools and methodologies. On top of this he can at a surprising speed, creatively develop solutions from what many would find confusing conversations. What makes him truly different is his distinct visual flair and passion for creating products that help consumers achieve goals beyond what they might have expected or asked for.

Frances Ibe, Director, SaaS Product Strategy and Implementation at CareerBuilder

Ty was a very efficient and skilful UXD resource. Often Ty was required to mock up complex Wireframes at short notice, delivered all the time with quality. In addition it was always a pleasure to work with Ty, always putting himself forward for work and giving his best.

Jameel Z Anwar, Senior Account Director at Hogarth Worldwide

Ty's creativity and ability to bring any brief, no matter how complex or restrictive, to life made him a real asset to the business. He was often asked to work to very tight timescales and did so without complaint.

Duncan Hood, Senior Web Analyst at notonthehighstreet.com

Ty literally donated our entire 'masterpiece' website to aid our sustainable development work via volunteering. The guy simply rocks and I highly recommend Ty to anyone needing to make a bold statement with fresh professional use of technology

Alison B. Lowndes, AVIF / Nvidia

As designers go Ty appears to be part of a rare breed who can accurately balance the importance of good look and feel versus unparalled usability. Ty naturally progressed in all but job title to lead the design team at TMDR and i have no doubt Ty's future sits firmly in management or design project lead.

Jason Wilkinson Brown, Mobile Product Manager at Commonwealth Bank
  • 26 Nov
    26 Nov 2015 09:20 AM to 10:20 AM
  • 27 Nov
    27 Nov 2015 03:00 AM to 04:00 AM
  • 01 Dec
    01 Dec 2015 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM
  • 08 Dec
    08 Dec 2015 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM
  • 26 Nov - 08 Dec
  • 15 Dec - 01 Jan

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