Thrustmaster 300GTE

I wanted to create a more immerserve, realistic experience in my lounge. I had the big screen, I had the sound bar and all I needed was the wheels and a racing game. With the release of Sony’s morpheous some way off I figured this game could grow over time and the downpayment now on the wheel would mean I avoid a huge outlay when the VR headset comes out.

I thought getting the wheel would make me a better racing driver, it hasn’t. I’m still mid-pack at best. I thought it would make it easier to play but this has been the hardest racing sim I’ve ever played. I thought I would put it away after every use. I don’t it just fills up the lounge like some kind of weird BDSM contraption Max Mosely would own. I thought I would get my money’s worth, but at almost the same cost of the console itself, this game has a few miles yet to go before that is the case.

I also thought that buying the GTE version instead of the standard RS version would make the experience more immerserve. Basically the GTE version is a replica of a Ferarri wheel while the RS is just a wheel with playstation buttons on it. What I actually ended up doing is sacrifcing usability for desirability. Try telling me on the image below which button is triangle. 


Is it actually any more like driving a real car? None I’ve driven, and I’ve driven some of these cars for realz. What I realised I’ve done is buy a toy wheel for the price of  an old runner with seats, engine, radio, windows, etc. But I’m pretty sure the virtual world in this case is better than the reality. The only way to fix that is to win the lottery and become an F1 driver. 



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