Tropical Wings

Tropical Wings is a small, but growing zoo, in South Woodham Ferris. We all got in for £40, which compared to the bigger zoos was a good deal. It’s not on the same scale or budget as the bigger zoos but as the name suggests this zoo concentrates on our airborne friends. I like this approach because what they cover they cover well, with large spaces and regular shows.


If you are in the area then I would recommend a visit, it has a decent website, http://www.tropicalwings.co.uk/ the site looks nice and has useful content, but in some moment of madness the powers that be decided not to make it repsonsive or add online-booking to the site.


It isn’t all birds though, there’s a healthy representation of mammals and lizards to see. While they have a giant tortoise you won’t see anything much bigger at Tropical Wings. I particularly liked the pack of Capybaras and the Lemur family.

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