Essex Arena Raceway

There is a lot of family fun to be had at a banger race, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I was originally planning to take my nephew for a day of destruction, he loves explosions, crashes and destruction in general. I figured I could tear him away from his Minecraft for 5 hours to watch beat up cars go head to head. But on the day the little critter was ill so I went along with my mate for a boys day out.

It meant I could get some good time with the camera to get some shots and not have to worry about a kid with a short attention span running riot at a race course. Turns out that I was worrying too much because I struggled to spot a kid that was under control. From showering in dust to collecting stones they were loose around the grounds doing whatever they wanted.


There were a lot of families enjoying the sun, all prepped with folding chairs and sustenance, obviously we were grossly under-prepared and relied wholly on the facilities. It wasn’t all bad, apart from sitting on the dusty floor there were toilets, a cafe and large covered areas. A decent portion of fries was just £1.50, but for an extra £1 they would put some grated cheese on it (no melting involved) kind of a bump but its still only £2.50. Food and drink had different rates at different facilities so a can of coke would be anywhere between 60p and £1. But regardless of where you went it wasn’t a tourist trap.

For £40 you can get 2 adults and 4 kids in for the day, an individual adult goes for £14 and that proved to be great value even for the last event alone.


It was the annual caravan race and I was assuming chaos on the scale of Top Gear, but I under estimated at how bad it was going to get. A 12 lap race managed to last just 1 and, well, I’ll let the photos and video do the talking.

It was, as Ian said, organized chaos – literally. It meant things seemed pretty dangerous at times, with debris almost clearing the protective fencing. Speaking of the fencing, when compared to Brands Hatch it felt like there was a fly net between us and the cars. Even the marshals would put themselves in harms way standing yards from potential disaster. But they all seemed pretty relaxed, I’m probably over cooking it.


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