British Truck Racing

I dragged Karly and Cameron to Brands Hatch for the first time after I have somewhat caught the bug for going to race days.


The Trucks were supposed to be the main event, and while the procession at night was cool (sorry no photos) the racing was less of a spectacle than I thought it would be. I think I really held a grudge on the trucks because a simple fuel leak caused hours of hanging around and ultimately the shortening of the remaining races and cancellation of one.

Still there was much to do this fireworks evening, fair ground rides, face painting and, oh yea, Monster Truck rides. £7.50 each, thats £3 more than a dodgem ride, we got 5 minutes of carnaged. It looked fun walking past, not maybe as menancing as I hoped but warming in that it would also be safer than I hoped. That last up until we pulled off. These things don’t look fast but they felt it, towering up in the air with a hydraulic chassis we were wizzed around and thrown around on this open top Red Dragon. A token car or two crushed later and we were bouncing around. Did I mention there fireworks from the main event happened to start just as we did? Well it all added to the feeling of chaos. Loads of fun, Cameron and Karly both absolutely loved it.


Back to the racing, the Legends were fun, fast and enjoyable to watch. On the in lap they were evening drifting into the pit for the crowds. The track was treated prior to the Legends race as to reduce the slick from the fuel spill earlier. But the racers mostly choosed to take the outside slower lines to avoid the surface entirely. This meant for some slower than normal racing and while there was a bit of sideways motion here and there it was mostly very gentlemanly action.



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