Paphos, Cyprus

Karly and I planned our holiday around her sister Donna’s wedding. The wedding took place in a beautiful countryside inn away from distractions in the hills of Paphos. While we were there we ate well, had fun and enjoyed a sample of what Paphos had to offer.

Horse Riding

I was disapointed I could not use my go-pro but we still had a fab time.


We ate out every evening, although one night was a McDonalds. The food in Cyprus was consistently delicious, just thinking about it now is making my mouth water. If there was one thing I would go back for it is the food. I would certainly head up into the hills for a more authentic taste of Cyprus. But that said the seaside spots were generally very good indeed, perhaps we just got lucky.


We had our first taste of Stifado in Cyprus. It was usually an expensive dish on the menu and when it came out I wasn’t that impressed. Stew I thought, all that money for stew. I saw all that money this particular restaurant was very inexpensive, this dish happened to be the most expensive on the list.


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