100 Suns

by Michael Light

This coffee table book provokes deep contemplation. Those thoughts were neither exactly how I imagined nor miles beyond what I thought I thought. Along the way there were a few surprising emotions too.

From the cover to cover it is jam packed with dramatic imagery of humanities largest threat, itself. Each of the 100 suns is named, sized and dated, with some detailed footnotes at the end. I was surprised how unique each was.

They distil the power of a nuclear blast in every image. Some appear more fearsome than others but don’t be fooled the look doesn’t always correlate with the destructive power. I couldn’t help but think how if any of these bombs were dropped on habitable areas how words would simply fall short. Then how even without what detrimental impact these tests would take on not just the test site but the atmosphere we all share.

Page after page, each with it’s own personality

Tick off your emotional states as you go page by page from marvel to despair. As coffee table books go, this one is for the late night whiskey on the rocks moments, not the beers before the game moments.

The author of the coffee table has really let the images do the talking and the beautiful layout on a large format coffee table book is truly striking.


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