Costa Rica Aerea

by Sergio Pucci

On our travels through Costa Rica we stayed at a boutique hotel that doubled up as an art gallery. It had a small dedicated space to buy art but also throughout the premises large installs were on show. In the shop this book sat proudly on a shelf, looking for a new owner. After being tantalised with amazing coffee table books at an earlier hotel we decided to snap up this 300 page book and lugged it back on the 4000+ mile journey home.

We managed to get it home unscathed and released it from its cellophane wrapper. We were greeted with page after page of full aerial images of Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes.

But there was more. A streak of creativity throughout would create montages or reflects of nature and mankind. This would often take the shape of a natural pattern formed in the landscape and then juxtaposed by a man made pattern of close resemblance.


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