by Jon Chonko

I love food, I love sandwiches. If I could eat every sandwich on this list I would be a happy man indeed.

Scanwiches started off as a website dedicated to buying different sandwiches, cutting them precisely in half and beautifully scanning them. The website scans on to this day with new and exciting fillings between bread.

But the book is like a best of, or the classic collection. It goes beyond the scan and presents the story of each sandwich. Who knew you could go on a global cultural voyage bite by bite.

The Reuben, on my bucket list

From it’s origins to it’s exact ingredient list and preparation technique. Scanwiches is entertaining throughout with it’s light-hearted content and insightful trivia. Even the contents page is a thing of beauty and makes up for the somewhat lacking front cover. Within the crappy cover is page after page of high quality glossy pages. Each image highly detailed and annotated. This book continues to be a popular pick up choice because of it’s intriguing title and delightful visions of delicious subs and melts.

Buy online from Amazon: http://amzn.eu/di4XfeE


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