Bilice Kebap

Definitely our best eat in Istanbul. We met some English people working out in Turkey during drinks and they highly highly recommended this place. We were going to hit a more formal sit down restaurant but decided to take the advice and head over later on.

We arrived to find our new acquaintances both in food commas slumped in their seats. Surely a sign of a heavy meal. They helped us order and then the food started to roll in. A huge platter of sides accompanies the main meats and a free for all ensues.

The staff were extremely welcoming and were great hosts firing Turkish teas at us before, during and after our meal for nothing. Needed more freshly prepared tomato relish? no problem. How about a group photo behind the meat counter? sure why not.

Don’t be put off by its kebap/butchers shop exterior this place is on another level for food and hospitality. Take a look at the photos for all the erotic food debauchery.

 £  Turkish, Middle Eastern, Halal
Asmali Mescit Mahallesi, Asmali Mescit Caddesi No: 8 | BeyogluIstanbul, Turkey
+90 537 210 1989

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