This is only my second visit to an Ethiopian restaurant, the last being in London, but was certainly my favorite so far and a great restaurant in its own standing.

although unsuspecting on the exterior once you enter you are immersed in traditional decoration and music. The tables are simple but colourful and the walls adorned with all things Africa.

those simple tables make way for large trays of food where communal eating with your hands is encouraged. If your not odd that inclination then I suggested you steer clear of this traditional eatery.

The food itself is great, plenty of pancake rolls are provided so you don’t ever run out. they are freshly prepared which always helps.

Service comes at a desirable pace and you’re not rushed.

 ££ – £££  African, Ethiopian
143 rue Leon Maurice Nordmann75013 Paris, France
+33 1 45 87 08 51

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