Homey vs SmartThings

I’ve got a Samsung SmartThings (ST) and I’m really not happy with it. I’ve persevered for a few weeks and I’m just not getting on with it, nothing wants to work. I have invested a lot of money in smart devices only for none of them to really work in any meaningful way or at all. So I looked back at the Athom Homey (AH) which I initially ignored because I wanted to go for what I thought was a more established product adopted by a big organisation (Samsung).

So my initial investigation is that while the AH might have less device support it is still in my humble opinion better than the ST mostly due to its quality of features, support and UX.

Market Place

Getting apps that work, quickly and easily is very important for your home eco-system. No support no smart home.

+ AH has a better marketplace (it includes official and 3rd party devices)
+ the AH marketplace shows at a glance what devices are supported and to what extent
– in ST you have to visit the forum, find the post with the 3rd party device handler, go to github, download the code, create a new device in the ST IDE and add the github code to it. (MISSIONS!)

Rules Machine

A rules machine is what makes your smart home smart. Without it your devices don’t interact with each other and that’s the whole point of a hub.

+ AH has a built in rules machine, its called flow
– there’s no built in rules machine in ST just more custom ‘smart apps’ which guess what you need to download from github again. There is CoRE which is a rules engine smart app, but I can’t get it to even start and they’ve taken the humble IF ELSE statement and whored it out as some bs thing called a ‘piston

Make your own devices

When the market place and community aren’t there to get your back sometimes you need to do it yourself.

+ in AH you can develop your own third party device handlers
+ in ST you can develop your own third party device handlers


How good is the hardware itself, does it have all the features, is it robust, sexy, easy to use?

+ AH has more wireless technologies NFC, Bluetooth
– the ST hub has no sensors
+ the ST is easy to setup

Device support

Similar to the market place, but just in terms of actual device support.

+ AH support more devices out of the box officially
– ST is mostly third party only
+ ST has more device integrations in total
– they both rely on third party developers a lot
– on both AH and ST not all features will work with the device
+ AH has good integrations with most of the big players in IoT
– ST has 3rd party integrations with things like Nest and Alexa (oh and their shit)


User Experience

How does the whole thing stick together, is it easy to use and create automations.

+ AH has a much slicker interface, it’s way easier to use.
– ST was designed by donkeys in a cupboard

So that’s my opinion. Don’t get the ST hub. I’ll be chucking it up on ebay as soon as I can figure out if my existing SmartThing sensors need to go too or if I can keep them and use them on AH.


AH That’s better.


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