OneDrive must DIE

This was my helpdesk message to microsoft today:


Sync speeds are around 0-1kb/s

72mb fibre connection
wired ethernet
no other significant data usage
windows 10 64bit & onedrive – latest
16gb ram, 1tb hdd

troubleshooting so far
limited folders to download

I have been trying to recover my data for weeks now, my contract has lapsed. I want my data back and I don’t want to wait until Christmas to get it.

Not syncing to exFAT also highly annoying.

Every attempt to re-link or re-install starts with a protracted wait while onedrive is ‘syncing’ takes about 6 hours.

I have 305gb spanning 170,000 files
for the first chunk of my back up to recover. Then the remaining 900gb is up next.

Can you just send it to me on some memory sticks or something. This is just stupid.


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