Right to Fap

Everyone should have the right to fap until either they pull a muscle or something falls off.

But in Britain today many are being denied that right by a broken system of politics, technology and business.

Today I’ll be providing A solution on how the UK can have super fast broadband for all.

The problem

In a nutshell BT open reach is a commercial enterprise that isn’t very independent or committed to rolling out super fast across the UK. Compound that by private organisations not having any legal obligation to deliver super fast to 99.9% of the UK let alone the desire to offer their services in the less profitable areas.

A solution

Step 1

Nationalise BT open reach

Step 2

Roll out super fast everywhere in an aggressive roll out plan

Step 3

Change the law to legally bind organisations to deliver to 99.9% of their locality or for nationwide suppliers to the entire UK.

Step 4

Sell back bandwidth to those organisations in a tax like operation. The fee must be high enough to encourage them to develop their own infrastructure and not just pay the fee.

Step 5

As the network grows, the nationalised network can handle overflow and offer superfast to public sector and those getting state aid.

Those previously frustrated can now feel liberated, among other things.

Your welcome society


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