What’s the point of the weekend Dr

On Saturday I saw a GP and he printed out my scan results and handed them over to me. I went from probably have gallstones to something more sinister.

He Googled whether I was at an increased risk to Liver cancer because of my pre-existing conditions, he couldn’t find anything. He told me to take the print out to my next Gastrologist specialist appoint.

I hadn’t seen Dr Shah for 9 months because moving house melts down their entire communication system and from my perspective I was doing well barring my consistent dull ache under my ribs. So Between Karly having a beautiful baby girl, moving house and working 120 miles away I wasn’t motivated to find out why I had been waiting so long for an appointment. I honestly thought that this pain was something I would just have to live with as part of my condition, it had been there when it started and it’s been there ever since. Generally, it hadn’t been so bad as of late either.

We made various calls to an appointments team and his receptionist, no answer and no answer from his nurse. We did get a call back the next day and got turned away, I was told he didn’t deal with issues of the Liver. So now I’m confused, the GP told me to see these people and they are telling me to go see someone else. The GP surgery was miffed and meanwhile, I wasn’t getting my needs seen to. I did get a regular checkup for proctitis in a weeks time which was good.

I have to ask myself, why did my local GPs surgery receptionist not tell me the weekend Dr could not make a referral. Furthermore, what was the point of booking me in to see one if they couldn’t? Further further more why have GPs that can’t write referrals, it’s nonsensical. Look I went in ignorant and I probably am still to a large extent to the self-imposed complexities they put on. But I should have never been sent to a Dr with the system’s knowledge I would not get the care I required.


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