Part timers

I went for my second GP appointment to be told the same thing about my case. I was desperate to get an urgent referralĀ for my liver.

I got that referral I’m told. In two weeks if I don’t hear anything I’ll be booking another appointment, this time to get a private referral.

I was due my blood tests, but in the heat of trying to work an urgent referral, I forgot to ask for them.

The Dr wasn’t going to remember. He forgot he had evenĀ sent me for the original scan that had spurred this whole journey.

It took 37 calls today to get through and get my appointment, not bad. It took 70 to get Rosie in last time.

Anyway I called back to get my results after Karly pointed out it would give more feedback which is good to know. But the surgery was closed. That was odd, it was open earlier. They mentioned they were closing in the future but not today. I checked the website again, yep it’s the 22nd and they are closing on the 25th.

This is what I read (bare in mind the date today is 22nd):

But there was more text I skipped (our lazy brains take shortcuts, I had everything I thought I needed, but actually there was a mistake to consider)

So I’ll call back tomorrow to take down a list of overly complicated shorthand codes and figures that go against them. Should be fun.


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