Smart Dishwashers – Siemens Home Connect iQ700 Dishwasher

Here’s a review I wrote for the IFTTT enabled Siemens iQ700 IDSN578S36TE dishwasher

I’m a bit useless, I don’t understand what all the logos on the display mean, what setting does what. So having the home connect app makes choosing the right dishwasher settings much easier, as a consequence, I’ve learned the ones I use most often. I can set the dishwasher to run when I’m out or in the evening, but it is so quiet it can run anytime.

There are so many place settings I don’t know what they all do. If I run it on eco and the dishwasher is fully stacked I do find not all the forks get perfectly clean, but I’ve devised tactics to arranged them in an optimum way which has reduced this issue down to only the odd item. Running it in the less economic modes is generally faster, bone dry and almost always totally crystal clean. I use the eco mode almost exclusively though because it cleans just fine.

One bugbear, I can’t find out how to turn off the finished cycle jingle, it alerts me on my phone which I prefer because that can be silent when I want it to be.

We use this dishwasher almost every day, it along with our new tumble dryer have freed up hours in each week I can spend with my baby daughter so even though they both cost more than the average appliance I’m glad I have them, plus I can geek out on the automations via IFTTT like turning off a dishwasher cycle if my nest fire alarm detects a fire or re-ordering tablets from amazon.


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