World Book Day

Thursday, 1st of March, was World Book Day and while it was snowy out Rosie’s Baby Sensory class went ahead with the day set as the theme.

I’ve never been much of a storybook reader, I’ve always been more inclined to read the annuals of StackOverflow¬†than a novel. But I wanted Rosie to be able to enjoy the medium and it’s a great way to grasp the English language from a young age.

Rosie has these books ‘That’s not my…’ Puppy, Pirate, Cat, etc. I think there are like 40+ different versions of this Osbourne series of kids book. Anyway, Rosie has the “That’s not my puppy” and we went in to Mothercare to buy a car seat and walked out with “That’s not my puppy” baby grow. I had no idea the very next week it would be World¬†Book Day.

At Baby Sensory the group organiser asked everyone to get dressed in the theme of a book and bring a book to read. But Rosie dressed as the book! Here is a photo Karly took which everyone loved. A bit of serendipity and here we are a marvellous photo I wanted to share with Rosie growing up, hopefully to become a fond story reader.


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