How many calls does it take to book a drs appointment

200 calls later and we got through only to be told there were no appointments that day.


Why do they make us play this lottery with our health? This barrier to entry doesn’t help get treatment to the people who need it most only to those who try hardest and There’s no fair correlation to make there.


I have a design in place to best the rush by using a form of ddos on the phone system.

Simply use an online service to launch 1000s of calls to the surgery stacked milliseconds after one another, when the expected response is made the other lines can disconnect and I can get put through. This will of course block anyone else getting through or having their chances of getting through squashed.

It would be possible to sell this on possibly at profit and any attempts for smart phone controls to block the nefarious calls cam be avoided by utilising the crowd to make the calling to hard to block.

If anyone is interested in building this with me let me know. I don’ want to but it seems this is what would force them to develop a fairer booking system.


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