Making informed food decisions

UK Gov wants to move to mandated calorie counts on meals at restaurants. They want to apply it to all restaurants but think takes (dumb tanks) say this will cause business closures and loss of jobs as the cost of ascertaining calorie counts is prohibitive to profitable small businesses. Their recommendation is to make these businesses exempt.

So once again its down to me to solve the problem.

In the US they exempt small businesses but for me this is wreckless. If a business can’t even be arsed to see what goes into the food they serve they need shutting down. Now it’s understandable that spending 100s on scientific calorific study every time a dish is changed or introduced would be prohibitive.

So a simple negotiation is getting the big chains to do the full and proper calorie count and force smaller organisations to just count the calories based on the ingredients and portions they enter. Sure it won’t be as accurate but what people are doing is comparing dishes on the menu so the fact they are not accurate is of no consequence because people are comparing against other dishes measured in the same way.

The end.





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